Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

two / fifty two

another week of shooting pictures – makes me happy.

these two are growing up before my very eyes. getting so big so quickly. the other day we dug around in the wet sandbox then came straight into a warm tub – a pretty nice afternoon if you ask me. 

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"i gonna wash my face my own self, mama!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

new year, new goals

no need to go on and on, enumerating the list of things i want to do this year. i've said it before – and even before that and it all rings as true now as it did then.

i know firsthand that it's quite easy to put things aside, awaiting a better time that's sure to present itself down the road a bit, to wait until the proverbial dust settles, to shelve things until fill-in-the-blank. 

so in the spirit of just moving forward – regardless of whether the timing is ideal or if i see a clear path for completion – i'm going to celebrate momentum in any shape or form. a little progress is better than no progress at all.

on that note, i'm going to try to pick up my real camera everyday. and that might translate to a few days a week and that's okay with me (read above re: progress). the point is, i love taking photos so i need to take photos. no waiting around for the perfect time/light/situation. 

i don't want to hem myself into a 365 (a portrait/photo every single day for a year) project – it stresses me out just thinking about it. a 52 (once a week) project seems much more my speed. a little structure gives me something to adhere to but admittedly makes me recoil just a bit in anticipation of burden, loss of steam and failure. even though it's a self imposed project and i'm the only one who would even notice if things petered out after week three – or forty three. but it's craziness to not move forward for any reason. that bad habit is one i need to work on. 

progress in any form: my new mantra. 

i'm going to pick up my camera on the daily. or on the weekly. the point is i'm going to keep on shooting. if i'm disappointed with shitty photos, i'm going to keep shooting. if i'm in a creative slump, i'm going to keep shooting. if i expect to keep learning, i need to keep shooting.

and i happen to have the sweetest subjects – who could ask for better inspiration?

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

squeaky clean

 photo photo4_zpscbb575ea.jpg

if there's one thing i love it's a well-stocked shower. i'm not the most loyal customer when it comes to bath and body products because i'm always game to try something new and have options to choose from when i suds up. but no matter what, i like natural products that smell nice – no heavy scents, no ingredients lists that read like a chemistry text book, you know.

so i was stoked to introduce a few new products to my line-up recently. now i have a new favorite trio  that meets – exceeds, actually – my criteria. and might just make a returning-customer out of me yet!

the star of the show is this rad lavender solid sugar scrub. it comes in handy little squares so you grab one and scrub away. it smells like a dream and is so rad for dry skin.
 photo photo2_zps5efa743b.jpg

and then there's the citrus shower gel that smells so good it's not even funny. then i follow it all up with a little post-shower lavender body lotion and my skin feels amazing and i smell like a spa day. 
 photo photo1_zps08f792a7.jpg

big thanks go to moxxie for treating me to a box of these beautiful products! i also loved their peppermint and tea tree room and body spray. i love giving the room a spritz when it needs a dose of fresh energy (so, you know, every day). they also have a peppermint body balm that's like a solid lotion that comes in a push-up dispenser which i'm setting aside for summer – cooling peppermint on a warm day sounds so nice.

thanks, moxxie!

Monday, December 8, 2014

first, last, winner, loser

in our last library haul (and i do mean haul: full bag with overflow in arms) we scored ourselves a little gem. one that'll surely find itself on the buy-it-at-the-bookstore-list. or at the very least the check-it-out-from-the-library-fifty-times list.

it addresses – and so perfectly, i might add – the i'm first, you're last, i won, you lost issue that comes up, oh i don't know, two or three dozen times daily around here. 

it's one of those books that has everything going for it: rad art, great story. so the kids love it and want to read it a million times but then i love it too so i'm happy to oblige. the first half-million times, that is.

hal and martha are brother and sister donkeys who are trying to out-do each other right and left. but then they're dealt a little change in perspective and sweetness ensues. if you've got siblings, this book's a must: me first, by max kornell. (crazy coincidental side-note: the author is from my hometown! max kornell, have we crossed paths?)

 photo mefirst1_zps08580c20.jpg

 photo mefirst2_zpsc3648235.jpg

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 photo mefirst4_zpsc495c26c.jpg

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