Monday, October 18, 2010

co-sleeping perfected

i knew i wanted to co-sleep with my baby... so i dutifully purchased a co-sleeper in preparation for bonzo's arrival.
chooch even sawed down its feet so it would be the perfect height for our platform bed.
i really loved our co-sleeper in the beginning... it was the ideal spot for phase one of sleepytime.
i could nurse bonz to sleep, transfer him eight inches to my right and we could both sleep soundly, inches away from each other, until the first time he'd wake to feed and/or snuggle.
then i'd just scoop him up, get him started nursing and we'd both fall asleep... and there he'd stay until morning (or the next feeding).

once he was more of a baby and less of a teensy newborn, and i felt more comfortable having him in bed next to me and not on a nursing pillow on my chest, i'd roll him down to my right and he'd sleep between the co-sleeper and me, nursing lying down.

pretty soon the co-sleeper became more of a nursing pillow storage unit.
i loved the extra real estate it gave me on my side of the bed but bonz was spending such a short amount of time in it. eight inches became way too far away... he much preferred (and still does) space that's more of the 1 -2 " variety.
plus the co-sleeper's only so big and it bugged how there was vast amounts of space at the head and foot of the bed without its safe landing spot.

so one day i had a little idea and laid it on the chooch.
he's one handy daddy so i figured i'd just throw it out there:
what if we (and by we, of course i mean you, choo-choo) built an extension platform that fills in the gap between my side of the bed and the wall?

i thought he'd have some sort of engineering reason why it wouldn't work that i hadn't considered but he didn't. it was green-lightsville.

i ordered a natural latex mattress topper and we cut it in half lengthwise and doubled it up so it'd be nice and cushy.
a series of measurements later, the chooch retreated to his workshop and out came a perfectly sized platform that fits - like a glove - in the 2 and a half feet between my side of the bed and the wall, both mattress tops totally level to each other without even the slightest gap... well, a very slight gap because they're two different entities but it's nothing, really.

we even took the bumper from bonzo's totally unused crib (jeez, if i knew then what i know now...) and secured it to the wall so it'd be extra cozy.

and there we have it.
the bonz has always been very accepting of sleepytime and co-sleeping really works for our family but, i have to say, the several months we've had this bed set-up have been extra heavenly.

plus me and bonz can really hog the bed without bumming the chooch out, too...
maybe that's why he was so into building it!

who me? cute, i know.

here's flapjack modeling the coziness.


the grumbles said...

this is a pure genius idea! jealousy, i haz it.

i wish we had been able to cosleep longer, but both jude and jon were not really into it. plus, jude stays up all night climbing around and pulling out my hair.

meaningfulmothering said...

Just found your blog from NPN and really love this idea. Our first was not a co sleeper, she is/was a tosser and turner from birth (3 now). But our new one (4 m) loves the co sleeping and cuddling.

Kandice said...

wow. this has got me all kinds of envious.
first of all, it looks as though you have the most comfortable bed of all time, and huge at that! second, the thought of co-sleeping soundly (but really, that should be the 'first of all') just makes me straight up jealous.

when natalie was a newborn, i never thought twice about co-sleeping. we propped her little bod on a decorative pillow (it still amazes me how small she was, so much so that a lame little decorative pillow was the perfect support for her) in-between us and there she slept until she grew some. then it was just the plain old middle, no pillow. then she became a bed hog so we moved her to the bassinet which was RIGHT by me. the thought of putting her in her crib in the other room almost brought me to tears (trying to remember now if it actually ever did.. haha) but then eventually, around the time we retired the pacifier, she ended up in her crib and she likes it best there.

saddest part of all... she doesn't even like it when we HOLD her to sleep. crazy, right?! she'll throw a fit if we even try to have her fall asleep in our bed at night while we netflix. i have mommy issues :(

Janine @ Alternative Housewife said...

I haz jealousy too! Love that setup.

We have a twin bed (box spring + mattress) up against our bed and it works well. Sebastian rolls in and out of our bed at his leisure and there is room for me to scoot him over if I need more space.