Friday, October 8, 2010

story time

the bonz has been working on cutting a couple molars... so he's demanded extra cuddles and story time these past few days which is pretty awesome - for the most part.
i mean, the cuddles and sweetness completely rules but the bonz's stylings when it comes to story time can be a little intense:
he is totally game to read the same board book 25 times in a row. literally.
(i wish i had the same enthusiasm the twenty third time as i did the second.)
then sometimes he just wants me to hold the book while he just turns pages willy nilly.
other times he wants to start one book, switch to another before i can get the first two words out, repeat, repeat, repeat... and repeat some more.
i get it, he's 14 months old - this is pretty normal stuff... and i love every minute of him, intense or otherwise.

anyways, here's what's in heavy rotation:


ps: more on one of these titles coming soon... prepare for cuteness.