Thursday, November 11, 2010

backyard farm

i have so many ideas and plans for our yard.
well, yards: front, back and sides.
we're so stoked on all the trees we have (three avocados, apricot, satsuma plum, santa rosa plum, fig, white peach, navel orange, juice orange, lemon and lime) but what i really want to do is start a rad vegetable garden.

our south-facing side yard is begging for raised beds... it's the perfect spot.

my meager little vegetable garden that's sharing real estate with (out of control thorny death trap) rose bushes just isn't cutting it... there's just not space to really go for it.
i want a little back yard farm, man...
... and maybe a couple extra days in the week to tend to it.

i'll probably still grow beans along the back fence - and continue with a summer squash or two right there as well... but the next logical step is raised beds.

and how lame am i for not composting? that's on the list as well.

i need to plug away and research the particulars... i have so much to learn.

sometimes i fantasize about just hiring (ha!) someone to come help me figure it out and put it all together because it feels so overwhelming - where do i even begin?
but then - duh - just figure it out. that's the fun and experience.

i have a few bookmarks that i need to just commit to... i just keep putting it off because i feel like i need to wait until we're really ready.

choo choo, sharpen your pencil and get ready to draft up some plans!



the grumbles said...

we planted a herb garden this year but next year i'm itching to do a bigger more official vegetable garden. and get chickens!! i am crazy.

blake said...

i guess i still have some (a lot!) of digging (ha ha) to do through your archives... didn't realize you have such an amazing tree farm, plus a veg plot! awesome! BTW, the drawing above is exactly how Toby built my veg beds. And re: composting... guilty here too. But I actually have an unused tumbler waiting for me to get with it. Lame ;)