Monday, November 8, 2010

bumps and bruises

we were at my mom's house this morning and bonz was lapping the house, as per usual.
then i heard: trip-splat-bam.
i leapt to him faster than i previously believed humanly possible and he was lying on the hardwood floor on his tummy... clearly he'd tripped while running.
i was really worried because i didn't see it so i didn't know what'd hit the ground when i heard the bam.
he was crying really hard - sound was eeking out but he was so sad and hurt and scared - and tears were flying out of his eyes.
i was trying to remain calm so i could comfort him and make sure he was okay... thankfully my mom was with me to help out in the calm-department.
between kisses and hugs i noticed a little goose egg starting to swell on his forehead.
and then the vision of how he fell came to light.
my poor baby.

he caught his breath and stopped crying, had a little nursing session and was shaking it off...
i, however, was just starting to get flooded with worry.
i mean, i knew i didn't need to haul off to the emergency room but dude...
his forehead hit hardwood: i'm calling the doctor's office.

the advice nurse called me back moment's later and was so reassuring and rad.
i told her what happened and how he'd been acting since - and that he was sitting in his meme's lap reading stories as i spoke to her.
she ran down the list of things to look for (open wounds, vomiting, lethargy etc - the bonz was totally in the clear) and told me not to sweat his upcoming nap but just to keep an eye on him throughout the day which, obviously, i would.


is bubble wrapping the universe feasible?

here he is in the next room, napping as i type. check the goose egg.
i figure i'll just go sit next to him and knit rather than get up every ten minutes and check on him.

oh bonz.
you took a little tumble today, buddy.


the grumbles said...

the jude split his lip on the table last night practicing his walking.

walking! who knew it could be so dangerous?

sara said...

oh buddy... sorry about the split lip!
someone i know thinks he's too pro to have to look around while he's walking, too.
the other night he threw a dish cloth over his head with delight and started to take off walking - right into the side of the table.
helps to not cover your eyes while you walk, bonz.

Bridget said...

what does bridget do with a sleeping parker on her lap? why, she goes back in the bonzo/chooch&me archives of course.

this made me sad. bubble wrapping the universe. why can't that be a possibility??!???

sooner than later, im gonna be dealing with parker's bumps&bruises. please later instead of sooner!