Thursday, November 18, 2010

christmas is coming

where has time gone?
christmas is slowly creeping its way towards us.
and by slowly, of course i mean at a somewhat alarmingly rapid speed.
but that's cool.
a season about spreading good cheer and happy tidings? what's not to love?

and wouldn't this be fun to see on my front door, greeting me with multi-colored tidings every day? i think i see a project in my near future.

ps: it's not the least bit surprising (or original of me to even mention) but the people over at madewell sure know how to make a girl's wish-list expand. quickly.
their cute little gift guide is causing me stress. never mind that i could just take my finger and point willy nilly to anything on the site and be quite happy with it.

1 comment:

janel holiday said...

that wreath would look super cute on your front door! i remeber ikea had these felt tree ornamnets like 6 years ago in alllll these great colors - just like this wreath - and i still think about them on a white, bushy faux tree with white lights EVERY year...wish i got them! xo