Thursday, November 4, 2010


okay, this one's short and sweet - not even sweet. just short, i guess.

i really do want to post everyday for a month but i'm keepin' it realistic.

i'm still reeling from what just happened this morning so here goes.
me and the bonz had a playdate with a good friend of mine and her babe, who's bonzo's age.

we'd just arrived at the park and made our way down to the little playground area.
we set our stuff down and my friend asks me if i smell a skunk - but i didn't.
she sits down on the bench and starts nursing her baby... bonzo's taking off across the soccer field trying to make his way to the tractor parked 100 yards away.
i scoop him up and take him back to the playground and both boys are toddling around, right by the bench my friend is sitting on which is next to two trash cans - one without a lid of any kind.

do you see where this is going?

a minute later my friend asks me if i hear a noise, which i did.
we suddenly realize it's coming from the trash can.
the trash can both of our babies are 10 feet away from, the trash can she's sitting next to.
we both scoop up our littles and pause... yes, there's definitely something in there.
we were both too scared to look.

let me tell you, anything remotely rodent does not work for me: mice and rats to opossums and skunks. they're all on the same list for me.

despite this, i got on my tippy toes and spied very tips of the tell-tale black and white fur, screamed and ran away.

that's the end of the story.
nothing really happened.
but dude.
it could have happened.
can you imagine if it had sprayed us? or worse: the babies?
are skunks aggressive like raccoons? bonzo and his buddy were just toddling around dragging sticks in the dirt. right there.
and gross.

the end.