Tuesday, November 30, 2010


so, i didn't cure cancer or send a man to the moon but i did set out to do something – post every day for a month – and did it, which, for me these days is something to celebrate.

i think i'll keep it up, too.
maybe not every single day but most days.

i thought about ending the month with a bang but today's not a bang kinda day.
i have two little freelance projects in the works and this mommy's going to use her free time (also known as bonzo's nap time) to make a little headway on 'em.

i've got a few good things in the hopper, though.
and i'll be back at it soon – probably tomorrow!

1 comment:

the grumbles said...

HOLOUR! (one of my twitter friends taught me that's fancy-talk for HOLLA!)

a whole month down. congrats.
i love the reading, even though i'm a fail commenter.