Monday, November 15, 2010

what a difference a year makes

bonzo's been napping on a nursing pillow on our bed practically forever.
well, unless he napped in my arms which happened a lot in his first year... and well, sometimes still does - we love it, what can i say?
since we co-sleep, his crib has always pretty much been alien territory for him - i tried to put him down for a nap in it a couple times when he was maybe five months old and we both hated it... i'd transfer a sleeping bonzo from my arms to the crib, he'd wake up instantly and cry and i'd scoop him up, nurse him and hold him.
so, admittedly, i didn't exactly give him the hard sell on the crib. but i had no reason to, really. our napping style was totally working - i'd just given into suggestion and thought i'd try to put my baby down for a nap in his crib since it'd been sitting in his room totally unused.
but after a try or two i snapped out of it and did what worked for me and bonz:
our bed.

anyways, for a not-in-arms nap, i started transferring bonz onto one of our nursing pillows and coziness ensued.

here he is one year ago today:

and here he is right this minute:
it's hard to believe he's the same guy... look what a year did to him!


the grumbles said...

good god he's so cute. jude had that same yellow and green striped shirt when he was wee. look how small they used to be! it makes my heart hurt.

marsha said...

so amazing how much they change! such a sweet one.