Friday, January 14, 2011


turns out, i'm a shitty blogger.

there's always stuff on my mind, cool stuff i see and could share, something that inspires the breath out of me or just something to say...
but actually putting it out there? well, it's fallen by the wayside.

but that's okay – i think i've accepted that this blog is going to be updated when i feel like it.
mostly because that's when i think it'll be the most me.

so many of my regular reads are so kick ass about updating and posting – which is rad.
i think i just thought – or figured – that i'd follow suit with daily posts and i think that's what's gotten me feeling like i'm behind on something instead of just taking it at my own pace.

anyways... it's been posted-to-death but i'm going to join the ranks because... well... it's inspiring and i like it.
what's it?


the grumbles said...

wow, i hadn't seen this. beautiful and inspiring!

wifemomandmore said...

Can I join your bad bloggers club? I haven't posted in mine in forever. Glad to see I'm not alone. :)