Monday, February 28, 2011

the goods

it's safe to say that i'm a lover of products.
yeah, i know: consumption, waste, frivolity.
but i really do like the promise that a little something new brings my way – sometimes it's disappointing, other times i discover something that'll forever be a favorite.
either way, this mama likes her stuff and i was inspired to do a round-up of my tried and trues because a couple weeks ago i tried something that's kinda revolutionized my life.

i really try to use (and naturally gravitate towards) products that are natural and/or organic and generally not toxic to me or the environment.
that said, sometimes i throw a little caution to the wind.

now, i'm definitely not winning any beauty contests or anything but that leads me to my main point: feeling good is where it's at.

oh, and also? don't let this fool you into thinking that i spend much time in front of the mirror.
bonzo's 19 months old, remember? there ain't much time to burn in the mornings 'round here.

here are my favorites:


jurlique lavender-lavandin hydrating essence: put a few drops of this in a bowl filled with warm/hot water and soak a washcloth it then press it to your face a few times. i can tell a noticeable difference in my skin when i do this regularly. you'd think that'd be enough to have me doing this nightly... but i'm lazy about it.
neutrogena naturals purifying facial cleanser: both me and the chooch are down with this one. good times.
clarisonic: my facialist turned me onto this – so glad she did.
dr. hauschka lip care stick: smells good, feels good. i wish it had a smidge of shine but you can't win 'em all.
neutrogena healthy skin brightening eye perfector: being a mommy = dark circles. enough said.
kinerase C8 peptide intensive treatment: new to me – so far so good.
josie maran matchmaker argan serum foundation: like i said, not winnin' any beauty contests but i have to say: this is a new favorite. the whole "color matching" thing feels gimmicky to me but whatever. it matches me really well. and it feels rad going on and improves things without making me feel like i have a bunch of make-up on. i love it, dudes.
jurlique moisture replenishing day cream: day cream, night cream. love. oh, and i use this most days for SPF and it completely rules.
kate somerville eradikate: the only thing that would be greater would be not needing this at all. but alas.
NARS the multiple: peachy-pink shimmer/sheer light brown shimmer – but not that shimmery. perfect.
philosophy eye hope: i like to think this works wonders.
john masters sea mist: not rocket science but i love the way this makes my hair feel when i spritz it lightly after it's blown dry – because i blow dry my hair so often these days, i swear.
water: water water water. sometimes i get so busy and don't drink as much as i should. lame.
she uemura eyelash curler: not sure why this one rules as much as it does but it does.
bumble and bumble texture: brand new – and new to me, too. just got it the other day when i got my hair done. pretty much love it already.
burt's bees herbal deodorant: thanks, mommy hormones.
jurlique citrus hand cream: my hands are constantly dry. this smells yummy. the end.

so there you have it!


blake said...

what a fab list. I love me some products, too. guilty! I also love that burt's deodorant -- smells like a garden. And, i'm totally going to check out the josie maran foundation. Been trying to ditch the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer that everyone uses... too many scary ingredients. thanks lady!

janel holiday huff said...

do i need to check of the josie maran foundy?!

carolina postcard said...

Good stuff. I'm always curious what products other people use!