Tuesday, March 22, 2011

the haps

catching up on some cuteness:





bonzo, who can pronounce words like armadillo and absolutely with pristine clarity, calls jasmine blossoms "jazzmerries blahfsuns" and the cuteness hurts my heart every single time.
i know sooner or later he'll stop combining jasmine with rosemary (or rosemerries, as he calls it) and will realize it's blossoms, not blahfsuns, so i come up with reasons for him to say it as often as possible. oh i love him.


being adorable is exhausting, isn't it, bonz?

helping daddy restore the vintage beamer...

... but always happy to take a quick break.


bonz, you've got so much to say these days, buddy.
yesterday you counted to ten all by yourself. well, actually when you got to ten you sealed the deal by saying twelve. so i'm not sure if that means you counted to ten, eleven or twelve.
but it blew my mind regardless.
all day long you point to stuff and say, "what's that called?" and when you hear something you always say, "what's that noise?" and point to your ear.
you're putting up to six whole words together at once, friend and your little voice is the sweetest, most adorable sound i have ever heard in my entire life.
you've been busting out a mean rendition of the abc's lately, too... you've almost got it down, sweetest one. every day you get closer to singing the whole thing through.
this morning you pulled the "k" magnet down from the sea of alphabet magnets on the dishwasher and held it up to me and said, "like a kangaroo!"
you know all your favorite books by heart, too.
you love it when we pause while we read to you so you can shout – or sometimes whisper – the next few words.
you're twenty months old but i feel like you were twenty minutes old just yesterday.
how'd you get to be so grown up and smart?
i think you're amazing.


blake said...

Ah. Sighhh... so very lovely. That is all. xoxo

Bridget said...

sara, sweetest post ever and dang, he is a cutie!