Friday, May 13, 2011

bonzo's world

i love to watch bonzo when he's playing – or just being – and he doesn't know i'm watching him* because he's so blissfully immersed in his own world.

sometimes he's full of stuff to say and songs to sing to himself and other times he's still and quiet – but he's always so completely in the moment that i just can't help but watch from a distance in absolute admiration and adoration.

it's super important time for both of us, i know.
but sometimes i catch myself wanting to join him while he's playing so contently or sit next to him and soak in some quiet time with him when he's just still and reflective – it's just so tempting to want to be in his little world with him while he's so in it himself.
but i know it would snap him back into his head and out of the moment and i want him to have that time,
i really do.

of course sometimes i wish he'd do it on cue – as in: could you occupy yourself for 15 mintues while i do something, bonz?

but, like most everything in life, the best stuff often happens when it's unprompted.



* um, except above. mama, i see you watching me!



the grumbles said...

every once in a while jude does this too. i'll look over and he's just playing away over there by himself, chattering and whatever. huh. toddlers.

jessica said...

sweet moments to savor. the expressions while they're in the moment pull at mama's heart strings.

Crispin said...

so tender :)

blake said...

my favorite moments... so busy just being themselves. ahhh. xoxo