Monday, May 9, 2011

guest post at code name: mama

i'm stoked to have a little guest post over at code name: mama today.

she does a regular series about the joys of breastfeeding past infancy that i've always enjoyed reading and am happy to now be contributing to.

dionna, the mama behind code name: mama, is an inspiration in so many ways and her blog is a great resource so it's an honor to have a post over there.

and, in honor of the subject, here are a few shots from our trip to baja:

it's a hard knock life for bonz.


the grumbles said...

go you!!

jessica said...

nice job mama, good post. precious moments. xo

blake said...

"nurse it!" ... love it :) that bonz is such a character, and so lucky to have you as a mama. xoxo

Crispin said...

Your guest post brought tears to my eyes... That was such a good post sissy... and it was so nice to hear other's who commented and loved it too. I love your gentle parenting ways.... xoxooxoxxoxo i love you