Friday, May 6, 2011

ready or not

i've been thinking a lot about it lately – specifically respecting bonzo's readiness – because opportunities seem to be arising left and right.

first there was round one of the swim lessons.
oh how bonzo hated it.

then, a month or so ago i had the wise idea to start him up in another program just to see if he liked it – and to get him acclimated to the pool for our impending vacation (baja! we just got back last week... pictures soon.)

and, let me say, that i'm looking at swim lessons as swim exposure.
for a mama who talks a lot about respecting readiness, the idea of swim lessons might sound a little senseless (or at least it kinda does to me) because i think there is something massively huge to be said for letting these things unfold and happen at a slower pace, down the road, without rushing or pushing.
but i also thought exposing him to something he may love could be fun – if he enjoyed it.

anyways, round two didn't go over so well either.
we were in the pool for two seconds and i could tell it was a no.
so we got out, dried off and went home.
i want bonzo to know that he can say no and that i'll listen – and respect his readiness which is clearly not upon us now with regards to bodies of water.

fast forward a few weeks to baja. he was a little concerned about getting in the pool and the ocean and each time he said so i told him we didn't have to get in unless he wanted to.

but he sure didn't mind sitting poolside with his meme and his mama, as documented by the chooch:

and i got us a silly little pool to bring along since bonz is down for splashing, scooping and pouring – just not wading, swimming or submerging:

a tiny, plastic, inflatable pool just feet from the warm, calm sea of cortez? well, yeah.
totally ruled.


this guy knows the way, he really does.
i can learn a lot from him if i sit back and let him show me.

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blake said...

dude, baja... this is killing me! luck-outs. ah, swim lessons... totally on the mind here, too. love your readiness approach for so many new experiences. there's always time, right?!