Wednesday, May 25, 2011


it's funny how, on one hand, i love to obsess about finding the perfect wrapping for a present to the point of multiple-shop-acquisitions and on the other i love the challenge and fun of figuring out a way to use what i have on hand to do the job.

me and bonz had a baby shower to go to on saturday and i was looking at my unwrapped goods on friday night with no wrapping paper in sight.

enter: kraft paper, hemp twine, scissors.
it turned out pretty cool if i do say so myself.
i almost always like my weirdo cobbled together wrapping best anyways.


blake said...

a-dore! that measuring tape-tape is awesome.

Julia @ Natural Parents Network said...

This is so cute! I am definitely not craft at all but once when my husband and I were invited to a Fall Book Party, we came up with something fun. The idea was you had to bring a wrapped book to exchange (like a White Elephant gift exchange but with only books). So, I was thinking we needed something fallish looking. We wrapped it in a couple layers of white tissue paper and then my husband went and got leaves out of the yard. It turned out really fun and people kept complimenting us on it.