Tuesday, June 21, 2011


summer's here. or at least so says the calendar.

summer in santa barbara always gets off to a cold and foggy start. every year.
may grey, june gloom. you get the picture.

thankfully the last couple afternoons have been sunny so it's actually starting to feel like summer.
we just picked the season's first plums and we're counting down the days 'til it's peach-pickin' time – but nothing says summer like playing in the sprinklers on the grass.




bonzo has an impressive collection of trunks but he has two of these kushies swim diapers that had yet to be used so we decided to give them a whirl.
those buns were squeezed more than their fair share, let me tell you.


Laura said...

That sprinkler looks like so much fun!

blake said...

awesome! nice water toys and cute swim bootie ;) it's been a glorious week, no?... tho the fog is back for us today. as per usual :)