Thursday, July 14, 2011

firsts and seconds

tomorrow marks the day bonzo turns two.
this mama's got mixed emotions about it... my heart aches a bit that my newborn baby boy is two.
it's one thing to type it or say it but it's entirely another to feel it.
i'm so happy and nostalgic and weepy and excited all at once. i love to watch him become the guy he is but i wish i could bottle this time up – or slow the clock down a little at the very least.
i keep breathing him in, wanting to hold on tight.

two years ago today i was quite round and wondering when i was going to meet the little person growing inside of me for all these months. i didn't know if bonzo was going to be a boy or a girl.
i had no idea the amount of love i would be capable of feeling – even though i thought i knew exactly what i was in for: infinite love.
it's so much more than that. and it gets exponentially bigger every single day.
i loved him before i met him but the second i laid eyes on him it was all over. off the deep end, totally and completely one million percent in love love love.
oh it's juicy stuff.

one year ago we were celebrating a big milestone, complete with friends, cookies and fun.


it was a happy day.

party number two commences saturday.
i can't wait to celebrate my very favorite little guy.


Mercie said...

i love everything about this party! i just discovered your blog AND LOVE IT. beautiful pictures, witty writing, and a gorgeous fam. can't wait to follow along. cheers!

blake said...

ohhhh, I'm a little weepy reading this. I hear you, friend. I do. Such exciting happy times, but oh... they will always be our babies. xoxo