Wednesday, July 27, 2011

no nap, no problem

yes, it would be a lot cooler if bonzo decided to nap today. especially since he is, in fact, tired from waking up early and, you know, cutting molars.

you can lead a horse to water...

today we're trying a little something that we've just coined cozy time.
i set up a little space next to me in the office with pillows, a blanket, stories, water and oatios.
and bonzo's on his own (four feet to my right that is) to read, lounge and have some quiet, cozy time to himself in lieu of a nap.

i'm happy. he's happy.
oh, and nine years ago today me and the chooch smooched for the first time and pretty much sealed the deal.
this photo was taken that following winter, i think. in mammoth. he snowboarded. i ate shit. feels like a million (wonderful) years ago. i love you, choo choo.

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blake said...

aw, so cozy! all of it :) happy smooch-iversary!