Friday, August 12, 2011

books for bonzo

a certain someone i know has settled into what appears to be an every-other-day nap schedule, making it a little more difficult for a certain someone else (hint: me) to keep up on... well... things.

gloriously no-nap days commence with an early, easy bedtime so you won't hear any complaints out of this mama.

anyhoo, at the moment bonzo is snugged up for some cozy time with a couple new-to-him books.

yesterday i unearthed three of my childhood richard scarry books at my mom's house and bonzo has been in hog heaven with them since the moment he laid eyes on them. they are some seriously well loved books so i spent a little time doing some crazy-makeshift book repair this morning despite last night's grand idea of having them properly/professionally repaired.

there was just no way these could be anywhere but in heavy, daily rotation so out came the clear packing tape and a pair of scissors.

we pretty much worship richard scarry around here and bonzo's one happy guy with his new old books – taped bindings, ripped pages and all.

the differences between my childhood (ahem: vintage) copies and the modern day versions are pretty funny – if not a little sad. there are certain omissions and changes to make them more politically correct and up to date, i guess. still cute, indeed. but the original content is just so much more rad.

either way, seeing bonzo's sweet nose buried in my old – or his new – richard scarry books is the best.



Maren McCoy Kyle said...

I'm really interested in what kind of changes those might be. My favorite is "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go" (gotta hunt for goldbug!) and there is some fairly un-PC stuff in the brand new copy we got for Murphy. I can only imagine what they felt they needed to cut if this stuff stayed in.

blake said...

ooo, gosh. richard scarry is tops around here too. Jacky can't get enough of "A Day at the Airport" -- after the 100th time, i had to spice things up with silly voices which are de rigueur (IMO) now :) Love that you're using vintage books! Toby's mom keeps EVERYTHING, so we have been given lots of books from the 70s and the 40s (see, everything)... some are loony, but some are gems. Lots of clear packing tape here too! xoxo