Monday, August 29, 2011


our new thing is kneading and oooh-aaahs.
kneading is when i knead bonzo's bitty legs like dough. oooh-aaahs are when i give his legs light tickle strokes. and they're trance inducing, let me tell you. he loves it. who wouldn't?

a week or two ago, while kneading his legs, i told chooch how good it must feel on bonzo's growing body. since then bonzo requests "kneading on your growing body, mama."

and when i'm kneading and he's ready for oooh-aaahs? "just oooh-aaahs, mama. just oooh-aaahs... there you go!"

i love it because he's totally not being bossy about it, he's just sayin' what he wants. just matter of fact. but the kicker is the encouragement he gives me. the "there you go!" is the best. such juicy goodness.


i'll never get enough of kneading these little limbs.


  1. so sweet and a good reminder for me...

  2. oh golly......sweet limbs....

  3. oh, those legs. those legs. so sweet and kneadable!