Tuesday, August 30, 2011


chooch's mom always has this tea in her fridge and it's one of my favorites. well, pretty much anything that comes out of that kitchen instantly becomes a favorite but that's another story altogether.

it's super duper easy to make and it's super duper yummy to drink. it's just mandarin orange spice tea, brewed cold with a bit of lemon and sweet. it's perfect for this time of year – almost fall but not quite – the spice flavor feels like fall but the hint of sweet over ice still screams summer. i love it rain or shine.

fill a pitcher (mine's like 88 ounces, i think) with filtered (obviously, right?) water and four tea bags:

add one or two spoonfuls of lemonade concentrate – i like this one because the ingredient list doesn't make me cringe:

or the juice of a couple lemons and a bit of agave is also nice:

mix it all together and refrigerate. it'll be ready to pour in a couple hours but keep the bags in there and it'll just keep getting better.
it's best over lots of ice cubes. or ice creams as bonzo calls them.
(such adorable innocence: he's not tryin' to be cute, he just thinks they're called ice creams. the cuteness hurts my heart.)

oh, and as an aside, i'm pretty sugar-police over here. especially if it's something bonzo will want to share with me.  i think the lemonade concentrate version tastes the best and, really, the sugar is so dilute when all is said and done that i still sign off on this as being a totally okay for consumption.

however, if bonzo wants his own glass – to drink "all by my own self", as he says – i'll still do 1 part tea to 3 parts water. stoke extinguisher, i know.

but, dude. sugar. it's just no good.


Bridget said...

hahahaha stoke extinguisher. so funny.

and i'm trying this.

and parker will never know non-diluted juice if it's the last thing i do!

blake said...

wow, this sounds delish. totally going to try it out. Love a tasty, interesting bev w/o caffeine, etc.

And, hello about the sugar. Hel-lo. You just tapped into my peeve of the week (lucky you!)... does the Whole Foods near you (or any other reader) push sugary lollipops on their kid shoppers? Ours is insane with the sugar pushing (gave one to J w/out asking me)... makes me super... well, stoke-extinguished ;) Sugar, for a 2 yr old -- man, no bueno! OK, I feel better. :D

Leandra said...

i'm an official follower, finally!!!
this sounds delish! i'll have to try it... you know how much i love my tea!!!
excited to stay up to date and see more photos of my favorite little guy!