Tuesday, August 16, 2011


sometimes you realize that things just don't work the same way they'd been working all along. routines shift, rituals evolve, things change.

but one thing i think about (at minimum) every morning and evening is how happy and thankful i am that we co-sleep with the bonz. it's some of the juiciest time and it just continues to work so well for us – with very, very minimal changes or adjustments. it just works.

it won't always, though. it'll change at some point for sure. when the time's right things will evolve. isn't that the very best time for things to happen?

i know co-sleeping's not for everyone and i give hi-fives to all for doing what does work for their family but, to me, nothing is more scrumptious – and easy and natural and fulfilling and amazing and cozy – than sleeping next to, and waking up to this:


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blake said...

so scrumptious! he really is so precious. xoxo