Thursday, September 22, 2011

bonzo and the burger bus

do you think bonzo was stoked when we told him we were going to get lunch from a school bus today?
answer: yes.

today we caught up with the burger bus – a food truck (make that a food bus) that specializes in... well... burgers. what's rad is that they use high quality, local ingredients: 100% grass-fed, hormone free beef, local bread, cheese from a local – and insanely delicious – cheese shop and farmer's market produce. their menu is compact but they do what they do best, you know?

we got burgers and hand-cut yam fries.
it was a treat. the food and, obviously, getting it from a school bus. a certain someone could hardly believe his eyes.



Kandice said...

oh, so cool! i wish there was one of those (truck or bus!) around here. but who knows, maybe there is and i just haven't found it yet.

also cool that the beef isn't disgusting and that the cheese is top notch ;) we'd eat beef every once in a while if we could afford 100% grass fed, hormone free. especially if it was gloriously made on a moving grill. send them our way!

Leandra said...

oooh, the burger bus is the best!!!
they have the most insanely good grilled cheese on ciabatta I've ever had, complete with local habanero jam, yummy!

what a fun outing for d!

Tamara said...
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Tamara said...

This is adorable. I can't wait util my Tiny d is old enough to enjoy outings like this one. Super cute post, thanks for sharing!

Bridget said...

yam fries? yum. and i'm sort of in love with compact menus. i like fewer decisions.

also, before i clicked on the link to the cheese shop i thought 'i bet it's cest cheese'-- ive been there! good stuff.

blake said...

YUM. I have some yams in the cupboard that need to be fries. xoxo

Ahn said...

mmm...i love and miss the burger bus.