Monday, September 26, 2011

haircuts and smiles

okay. so bonzo's never had a haircut. as you can see below.
here's the thing: it's too cute to cut. he's got messy curls in the back – complete with a ringlet or two depending on the day – yet it's totally straight in the front and mostly stays to the side and out of his eyes. truth be told, though, i snipped a few teensy tiny snips off the front while he napped one day (how else could i do it?) to keep it out of his eyes. and buy me more time while i pondered the question: to cut or not to cut?

regardless of whether or not it gets cut it'll still stay long and shaggy. it's just in the cards for this guy to have a mop.

maybe later. that's when we'll do it. later. perfect. it's decided!



oh, and by the way, when i ask bonzo to smile for a picture this is what happens:


oh, and this:


Kandice said...

hahah those smiling ones are the best.

and you know how i feel about that head of hair! ;)

Joanna said...

Gosh, D reminds me so much of B sometimes it's crazy...and of course, cute as can be! ;-)

Bridget said...

that is so yummy. and i say don't cut. i'm all about the unruly youngun hair.

Leandra said...

those last three pics of his precious little face are to die for!

Colleen said...

he is soooo cute.

blake said...

omg. too much cuteness, that boy. i love the bonz's hair. my boy's grows so fast it's frightening, so we must cut to maintain his particular shaggy mop :) go with it! xoxo

Mercie said...

he is too damn cute. don't cut it. it's too adorable.

Susan said...

I'm voting for don't cut if there is still voting going on. He's absolutely adorable. Love that very last pic.

kristina said...

We have the same dilemma, as you probably can tell.

Sadly I think his hair is actually starting to bug him when it's in his eyes, and he's developed this very grown up way of pushing it to the side, which makes me all the more hesitant to cut it, since it's so darn cute!

But maybe we will go for a minor bang snip to start... but then he will have a mullet!!!