Thursday, September 1, 2011

pictures of pictures

right before bonzo's first birthday i thought it might be cool to do a little photo retrospective: a year in the life of bonzo.

i mentioned it to the chooch, describing what i had in mind. and he's so rad – he stepped into his shop and came out with a tape measure, a spool of wire, some hardware bits and basically produced what i'd been thinking about in a matter of moments without even having to buy a thing. three cheers for handy husbands.

fast forward a year and it still hangs in our living room with updated photos spanning birth to a few days before bonzo's second birthday.

it's cool to see how he's grown and changed. and i love having that many slices of life displayed for me to get weepy and nostalgic at whenever i please. it's pretty low-fi and casual but then: so are we.

i've been asked a time or two how we did this and my answer is always pretty boring and vague because it was made from what we had on hand and it i'm certain it can be re-created in an infinite number of ways. here's what we did and, in the loosest sense possible, how we did it. and by we, i mean the chooch, of course!



this is a weird right-angle piece of hardware. anything would do, i'm sure.

you can't really string this much longer than we did – otherwise it won't be taut enough. and we don't want droopy pictures.

i had a couple cans o' these clips laying around that i thought would be perfect, and they are:


Just Another Girl said...

Ikea makes something very similar. Its awesome and cheap, been thinking about getting one myself, only $6

sara said...

totally! now if only an ikea would open up closer to where i live...

Colleen said...

love this idea!

blake said...

perfect. lo-fi is great. we did the IKEA version in J's room, for his artwork. it all works!

Mercie said...

oooo, love this idea!

kristina said...

if only i could get it together to actually PRINT pictures. I have, um, I'd say at least 400 in my "to print" folder, but I'm trying to get through the whole 18 months before I take them in. And then I will be caught up and never get behind again. NEVER.

so cute sara!