Wednesday, September 7, 2011

simple salads

lunches around here have been less than inspiring – for me anyways.

by the time bonzo's napping (ahem – on days he actually naps) this mama's hungry and preparing lunch is just one of the many things that needs to get done but is the one i've been skimping on – cutting corners lazily to make more time for the other stuff i need and want to do.

it's a bad habit, really.

so to get out of the rut, i decided to spend a few minutes in the kitchen yesterday preparing fixin's for salads galore. with everything washed, chopped and ready to go.


i have my salad spinner in the fridge filled with washed and spun-dry lettuces just waiting to be grabbed by the handful and thrown in a big bowl. and gp's standby vinaigrette is perfection.

then on the top shelf of the fridge i've got a bunch of deliciousness to add to the mix:
roasted beets, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, figs, cilantro, red onion, feta, sunflower seeds...


i think i'm officially out of my lunch rut!


Mrs MacKenzie said...

Mmmm yummy.

Here is my favorite salad recipe.

Bridget said...

ummm YUM.

so, is gwyneth's book good? should i get it? i have a girl crush on her slash love recipe books so it seems the perfect combo. BUT i dont like complicated recipes. just delicious ones. i'm a simple girl.

blake said...

love this. it's a struggle for me too, but I (when I'm on it) take the same tack as you: lotsa stuff pre-washed, chopped, mixed. My Gwynnie go-to dressing has been the miso dressing. It's salad crack. Now we just need to have said lunch together some time! Fun. xoxo