Friday, September 9, 2011


no, it's really not the least bit shocking that the lovely and tallented blake would produce something... well... this lovely.

i mean, this girl's got a beautiful home, child, garden and an impeccable taste level. she cooks and creates like nobody's business – a quick scroll through her blog and you'll get the picture. immediately.

yesterday she launched willow ship, her handmade collection of home goods and i've been swooning since.

she managed to hit all the high-points – i'm talking scrumptious linen that's hand printed in a way that's earthy, vintage, modern, cool, nostalgic and dreamy all at once.

check out willow ship for more – and stay tuned because word on the street is there's more stuff to come. and i kinda can't wait.





blake said...

really! you are too sweet, my friend. wowzers. xoxo

Mercie said...

oooooo, LOVE.