Thursday, September 1, 2011

toot toot!

talk about a fun birthday morning.
a bite of breakfast then an adventure with dear, dear friends aboard the lil' toot.

it's the shortest cruise known to man – just a quick zip through the harbor, then over to the very nearby stern's wharf and back again. or for those without naptime looming, you can get off the boat and hang at the wharf (shop, have a bite, check out the sea center) then board again to get back to the harbor.

can't beat being surrounded by ocean with the channel islands on one side and the gorgeous santa barbara riviera on the other. we sure live in a beautiful town.

and the lil' toot couldn't be cuter: she's a cheerful little tugboat with bubbles pouring out of the smoke stack and the cutest little whistle – toot! – you ever heard.

in spite of the cuteness and having his best mate aboard, bonzo just wasn't too sure about it. there was some concern. and tears. and crying. but i'm pretty sure there was a little bit of fun had, too.


blake said...

toot toot! such cuteness and fun, even with the "concerns." :) sounds like you had a great day, as you very much deserve! xoxo

Crispin said...

Bubbles! So cute :) I love hearing about your fun adventures with the fam :D

Leandra said...

adorable pics from such a fun morning!

jessica said...

those two are beyond adorable and with such a precious backdrop! i had a bride arrive to her reception with her wedding party aboard the lil toot and i have to say it was the cutest entrance EVER.