Monday, September 12, 2011

tracks and tunes

at the ripe old age of two, i'd say bonzo has some pretty rad taste in music. we listen to what we all like around here – we don't really draw lines between adult music and bonzo music. he's usually just as happy to listen to a little dire straits, bob dylan or bob marley (on wax!) as he is to listen to something that's technically geared to little ears – though he knows what we wants to hear and when he wants to hear it, that bonzo.

to keep everyone happy – and most importantly not to ruin bonzo's budding taste in music – we've added some cool kids records to the regular rotation.

our all time favorite is elizabeth mitchell. we've been listening to her since day one. the first song bonzo ever sang along to was one of hers – he chimed in at the "choo choo" (how appropriate, right?) part of "little red caboose" when he was ten months old. we were floored. the next morning he did it again and i got it on video. it's pretty much the cutest thing i've ever seen. so yeah, we love her.

before i had bonzo i'd see displays of these putumayo cds in stores and wonder, "who buys those?" and now i listen to them all time. we, as it turns out, are the people that buy them! they're definitely in the kids category but... when in rome, right? they're cute.

the green album, a record of everyone's favorite muppets songs covered by alt/indie/rock bands, is pretty cool too. like most records there are some hits and some misses but it's almost entirely cute and andrew bird's cover of "bein' green" is perfect.

ziggy marley's family time is good stuff. elizabeth mitchell makes a cameo – as does paul simon and willie nelson. we totally like it.

and we love living room dance parties!



blake said...

Ooo, same taste in family music. Elizabeth Mitchell is so calming for all. Will have to check out the Ziggy album -- thanks for the heads up! And thanks again for the putamayo tunes. They helped during a very antsy patch of I-5 :)

Mrs MacKenzie said...

I will have to check these out! Love Putamayo cds for grown ups, I bet the kid ones are awesome too!

Bridget said...

loooove this post. i just bought the reggae putumayo kids cd for my nephew... i love putumayo--kids and adults.

Erin said...

My son has started singing along to Paul Simon and that makes me proud. I'll check out the Ziggy, sounds good. We love Ben Harper's "With My Own Two Hands", and the White Stripes, "I Can Tell We Are Going to be Friends". We also listen to a guy named John Carter who is really mellow and happy. Thanks for sharing!

Maren McCoy Kyle said...

Uncanny timing for this post as I literally have sitting next to me a list of children's music CDs to check out from the library. "Family Time" is on my list as is "Dino 5" (Hip-hop for toddlers). AND, I was inspired to do this because a family friend gave us an Elizabeth Mitchell CD (You are My Little Bird) last week and we've been loving it. So now I will assume that you've been inside my brain, and I must be careful what I think about.

And I guess if you're in my brain, then you already know that we also love listening to Kimya Dawson's Alphabutt.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

great taste in music indeed!

jessica said...

gotta look into some of these. i try to expose e to music, but sadly it tends to mostly come from mama's mouth instead of leaving it to the professionals. she's such a little singer - will now get on this. :) thanks for the tips! xo