Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

it took me a minute to decide what bonzo was going to be this year. if it were up to him, he'd want to be a construction worker or a gardner, i'm sure. however, relishing these years where it's still up to me, i selfishly made the decision: bonz, you're going to be an owl.

i knew a few things right off the bat:
1. it needed to be homemade.
2. it couldn't be too much costume – or he just wouldn't want to wear it.
3. it had to be able to follow last year's act. not an easy feat.

so i ordered a couple tee shirts and some felt and figured i'd just figure it out as i went along. 

my time management skills were not exactly shredding this year, i'll be totally honest. i had a beanie to knit, feathers to cut, things to do. and, when it became clear that i needed an assistant, guess who was at the ready, scissors in hand? the chooch, that's who. just when i thought i could not possibly love this guy any more he takes my vision and turns it into a reality. it is the chooch who's responsible for bonzo's wings and feathered tummy and i cannot tell you the adoration i have for him for it. to see him snipping out feathers individually – "so they'd look more realistic and cool" – and arranging them just so, pretty much sealed the already-sealed deal for me. i love you, choo choo.

i was up well past my bedtime stitching wings on the tiny arms of a tiny tee shirt in preparation for a little family halloween celebration and concert in the park we went to this weekend. and bonzo was quite pleased to wear his "hooty owl costume" – it was a feast for the eyes:






of course, i had to get bonz in the little photobooth set-up they had there and get a little souvenir photo. the photographer said, "smile!" and there you have it. oh, bonzo. i love you so much, buddy.

on a side note, i don't know how the seasonal nature of the pumkin patch is going to go over on the bonz. we've clocked in some serious time there and still it's just not enough. he loves that place like nobody's business. and i get it...
... there are scarecrows,

and horsies!

and pumpkins!

but most importantly, there are tractors!
i've never seen a happier bonzo than a bonzo sitting and steering – and beep beeping! – this old, rusty tractor.

we'll miss you, pumpkin patch.


Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

OMG the costume is to die for...and so was last years. I really, really wanted to make Ethan's but it just didn't happen. Total mom fail! Maybe I'll get my act together next year!

janel holiday said...

he looks adorable, Bix!

happy halloween!

Kandice said...

oh my goodness, sara! HIS COSTUME!
it's just perfection, isn't it?! :)
great job. tell chooch. haha

and here i was thinking i was all cool making natalie's (i've never made anything before haha) but... seriously... all mine took was fabric glue ;p i need to get my act together for next year!

jessica said...

you did a great job on the owl mama! cute as can be again this halloween!

blake said...

omg, that costume!!!! wowzers, I love it. Looks like a fantastic time :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

wow I think you did outdo last year. if your goal was super, duper cute, you nailed it!

Jennifer E. Fairman said...

Brilliant!! So great to see an original costume - well done and well crafted!!! Zachary went as Nicholas this year. I am only sorry I couldn't get good pictures of him during the day with good sunlight.

Bridget said...

stopppppppppp it. that is the coolest. i want that costume for parker for next year. open an etsy shop. and then sell all of bonzo's clothes in it. we can call them vintage so they'll pass the etsy test. and then, i'm going to buy them all.

and his huge open mouth in the happy halloween picture? toooo much.

Colleen said...

so freakin' cute.

Ahn said...

Can you pass that along to bridge for next halloween and then she can pass it onto me for the one after that?

100layercake said...

So super cute!!! That's the best owl costume ever.

100layercake said...

Oops! Logged in with the wrong account. 100 Layer Cake = Kristina. :)