Thursday, October 20, 2011


i know, i know: kids say the darnedest things.
and everyone thinks their kids' sayings are the funniest, cutest, most charming things to ever be uttered.
i know this because i totally agree!
there's nothing sweeter than hearing silly somethings from the little voice of an emerging personality.
it's the best thing ever.

the only problem is that they come at me faster than i can keep up with. sure, i try to jot them down as they happen but i know there are as many slipping through my fingers as there are that i'm documenting.
it's kind of like witnessing something amazing and kicking myself for not having my camera – there's something rad about being in that moment and not trying to preserve it by recording it.

with that said, here's a little sampling of some of my favorite bonzisms from the past couple months – some of which have already fallen out of favor.

bonz calls flip flops "floppy-doppies" and ice cubes "ice creams" – months ago he called jasmine blossoms "jazzmerries blahfsuns" and muffins "mussins". i swear to you i have never heard anything cuter.

instead of "i'm excited!" bonzo proclaims, "i'm exciting!" and likewise for when he's scared, "i'm scary!"

bonzo loves to sprinkle in the phrase "just in case" – and rarely (if ever) in proper context.
"mommy. you look for me right there. just in case. and i will hide and you look for me."

on that note: peek-a-boo and hide n' seek? still going strong over here. bonzo lives for it. and i love how he tells me where to look while i'm trying to find him (see above) and then hides right in front of me – and while i'm asking where he is (at his insistence) he answers from his spot, giggling and squealing. he could do it for hours.

when we got a new car in may, bonzo called it the "new ours car". it's now just "ours car"– still.

oh and this one we hear throughout the day, "i do it all by my own self!"

the other morning, "mommy, can we have some dinner for breakfast?"

he calls tortoises "turt-oises" and i die every time.
and the gibbons at the zoo? "givens".

when he rubs my back he says, "i'm ooh-aaahsing  you, mama!"

a week or two ago he pulled his little stool next to me and said, "let's chat about birthdays!"

and the words recognize and actually are peppered in daily conversation – and properly i might add.

he'll prepare a bite on his spoon or fork and then hand it to me and say, "mama wants to feed it to me!"

and anytime we've been apart he always spends the rest of the day reminding me, "mommy always comes back for the dee-dee!" and "we're never apart for long." oh i love him.

and there you have it: silliness.


Bridget said...


ok, you can't take that long of a bloggin' break. i need my daily fix.

also, "i do it all by my own self!" "oohs-aahings!"


i am going to eat your child. just after i eat parker. CUTEST.

blake said...

OH Gahhhhhhhh.... that kid. He's just oozing with cuteness. Maybe Bridget will split him with me, b/c I wanna eat him too. :) jazzmerries blahfsuns makes me crazy, it's so stinkin' cute. Cute overload!

My boy is IN LOVE with 'actually' right now. Like, it starts every sentence.

And, he likes to wear my bras too ;) He sticks stuffed animals in 'em for a baby carrier. Wahhhh.

Tamara said...

Delicious! So sweet. I can't wait until my now 12-month-old starts blabbering away. The little voices of emerging personalities... you said it well and i cannot wait to enjoy my little man's as much as you enjoy yours!

Mrs MacKenzie said...

such a cute personality!

rebecca said...

haha. yes, but it's so much better when your own child says it.

Nicole said...

ahhh!!! i love the exciting and scary bits. so darn cute!


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

kids definitely say the funniest things :) adorable pics of yours...

Lauren said...

Thanks to Bridget, I found your blog, and now I can't get enough! Bonz is SO CUTE, I want to squeeze him! I pray to God that someday I'll have a boatload of my own!

small + friendly said...

I love this! Too sweet! I'm always torn between enjoying the moment and trying to capture it. I was so happy to see I'm not the only one with a boy who likes to wear bras :)