Wednesday, October 12, 2011


last week, me and bonzo met our best buddies for a little look-see field trip at the newly remodeled and almost completed airport.

as soon as we parked, we saw major construction equipment tearing up and moving old asphalt. excavators excavatin'! loaders loadin'! workers workin'! it was awfully exciting. i mean, that could have been the entire outing and bonzo would have napped a happy camper.


then we made our way to the outside waiting area at the terminal to watch the planes but something else immediately caught bonzo's attention: george rhoads' kinetic sculpture, good time clock IV (1984).

bonzo was mesmerized. it's a really mesmerizing piece. but he'd never seen it before and he could hardly believe his little eyes. the chain carried balls up to the top then start them rolling down the track and he'd squeal and happily stomp his feet watching them take different turns, go different directions, bounce, loop and chime the chimes as they made their way back down to start it all over.

it's such genius. so totally elaborate and well orchestrated. and so entertaining.

remember mouse trap?!

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blake said...

wow, sounds like the perfect outing! complete toddler awesomeness. I have to laugh at the fact that I now know the names of trucks/vehicles that I never knew existed. but these boys just can't get enough of 'em :) xoxo