Tuesday, October 4, 2011

right. now.

one of the million zillion things i love about bonzo is his ability to be in the present – in the now – fully immersed in his reality, with his feelings, in the moment.
when he's sad, he's fully in it. and then when he's felt his feelings he doesn't hold onto it. the new moment is like a brand new day.

it's pretty amazing how it comes so naturally to babies and children. and it's pretty rad how, if we let them, these tiny people can really teach us so much.

(these few words sure sum it all up, don't they?)


Bridget said...

they sure can. i love how parker isn't tainted by all the crap the world can deal... news, economy, this, that, etc. not that i want to be completely ignorant... but... ignorance is (kinda) bliss, hear hear?

blake said...

amen sister... and exhale. xoxo

la la Lovely said...

Oh my gosh... if this isn't the truth than I don't know what is.. I just wrote a blog post for a friend on this very topic (I'll have a link to it next week when it's up). I'm saving this image for sure!!!! And yes you are so right the little ones can teach us soooo much! Your little one is a pure doll!