Friday, October 14, 2011

sunny day sorta-smoothie

it has been unmercifully hot in santa barbara for the past few days.
now, i love me a sunny day but i have to say, this is getting a little crazy. and bonzo's appetite in this heat? almost non-existent.

so yesterday morning we made our new favorite smoothie with the juice of an orange off our tree, some plain organic whole milk yogurt and a splash of coconut milk.

the constancy and flavor of this can vary majorly depending on how you like it – bonzo likes his a little thicker so i just do more yogurt, less liquid.

we just juice an orange and add it to a cup or so of yogurt in a mason jar. then we add a splash of coconut milk (vanilla if we're feeling decadent and have it on hand – we only use a smidge! otherwise unsweetened) and screw the lid on tightly. then we shake it like crazy and out comes an orangey, creamy smoothie. easy!









Laura @ My Thoughts-Uninterrupted said...

Oh goodness, this sounds fab! I'm going to have to give this a try asap. I love that you shake it in a mason jar since my blender has bitten the dust. Can't wait to try! Also that last die for! Nothing better than baby tummy kisses!

Tamara said...

Oh that kissable tummy! When my babe isn't keen on eating but i am not convinced he has had enough for the day i sneak in Greek yogurt... It has a TON of protien (much more than regular yogurt) and that way i'm not as worried if its a light food day. Also try blending a frozen banana, peanut or almond butter, honey, and a splash of milk... Oh Joy, its a party in your tummy!

blake said...

that tummy... i get weak for tum-tums! and a smoothie w/o a blender? you just rocked my world ;) seriously.

an orange smoothie totally makes me hanker for an Orange Julius. Remember?? At my local mall's food court (growing up), there was an OJ stand next to the gyros joint: at that time, it didn't get any better than that combo.

la la Lovely said...

OMG .. so kissable....
and OMG Santa Barbara and OMG an orange from YOUR tree and OMG that smoothie sounds divine! Thanks for sharing!! x Trina

Calico Child said...

Just found you Via Trina that sounds so yummy I will have to have a go at making that thanks :))