Tuesday, November 15, 2011

phoning it in

oh, the camera phone.
i love it, i do. it's my point-and-shoot – always with me, ready to capture a slice of life at any moment. sometimes i feel lazy for using it so much because it's too forgiving and easy and, let's face it, hides a multitude of sins that may otherwise be not-so-hidden.

but i love the impromptu and casual result. and i love having a million photos of the everyday stuff that could otherwise pass me by.

(yes, i know i'm obsessed with sleeping-bonzo photos. i seriously cannot stop myself from taking them!)


Mrs MacKenzie said...

ahhh bath pictures... this age lasts for such a short period. why shouldn't we take as many photos as we can!

Bridget said...

why should you stop -- so darn cute! and this makes me WANT MY IPHONE NOW DAMMIT.

it's not happening. it's just not happening. we're trying to fight the culture here i think (stupid).

janel holiday said...

i kindof love the shaved head/mini-rude boy look D has in his bath pic...........he's a doll.....xo


Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

where did you get that let it be shirt? super cute shirt on a super cute boy!

Abby said...

My iPhone had definitely become my point and shoot. It's so much easier and always at hand. Plus, I'm obsessed with instagram!

I just found your blog through Tales of Me and the Husband. I love it!