Monday, November 28, 2011


we had a happy thanksgiving. did you? hope so.

we feel so lucky every day that our families live in the same town as we do – and two streets away from each other at that – but during the holidays we feel beyond lucky.

we got to celebrate with (almost) everyone at my mom's house and bonzo soaked in every minute of the festivities. it's been go-go-go since thursday so we'll be spending this week getting back to reality – whatever that means.

the calendar's just about ready to be flipped to december. we have a tree to buy, decorations to put out, presents to get and wrap, crafts to be made and carols to listen to. where'd the year go?

here's bonzo, pondering that very question, over this morning's bagel and cream cheese.
when i set it down on his little table he said, "you're a good cooker, mama. thanks for cookin' my bagel and cream cheese!".

it's such intense love.


Kendra said...

haha, that's the cutest thing I've ever heard!

small + friendly said...

Best cooking compliment EVER!

blake said...

mwaw!!! he's cute and well-mannered. What's not to love? xoxo

jessica said...

cutie! you are a good cooker indeed. hope to get together over this wondrous season! xxoo