Monday, December 19, 2011

bonz-isms, part two

oh, bonz.
that guy's coming up with more funnies than i can shake a stick at – let alone keep up with, though i try.
the world through his eyes – and out of his mouth – is a pretty rad place, that's for sure.
here are some of the doozies he's busted out with recently:

"i call you honey-mommy."

and talking in his sleep, "it's okay, mama."

"i noticed that! i'm a noticer!"

"i'm waiting so patiently! i'm a waiter patienter."

"are there no eagles in the bathroom?"
"are the eagles not gonna scare us?"
"are there no gorillas in the hallway?"
(we still have no idea where these came from. especially the eagles.)

"it's eighty hours o'clock, mama."

me: "good morning... how's my guy?"
bonz: "gooooooood! how's my wonderful mommy?"
(reason 598,476 i love waking up next to him everyday.)

"i love your face!"

"i need some sippa water!"

bonzo was beside himself with frustration in the car the other day trying to "fix" his bent piece of paper.
i told him, "when we get home, let's take a look at it together. i'm sure we can find a solution."
when we got home – and i'd completely forgotten about the entire exchange – he said, "mama. can we have a tollution?"
i asked him to repeat himself once or twice, trying to figure out what he was saying and he goes, "to fix this paper!"
oh, got it bonz.

this morning when his buttery hands were covered in toast crumbs he goes, "oh no! my hands are toasty!" and holds his hands out to be wiped.

and the toucans at the zoo? can-toons.

he calls the white noise machine the "chhhh" – because that's what it says, after all. one day he said, "did you turn on the... chhhh?"
and now it's just what it's called. the chhh.

the word "regular" is regalee to bonz. so when we told him he needed to use a quiet voice in the restaurant he said, "or just a regalee talking voice? not a shouting voice."
or when he wants to make sure my water isn't bubbly water he'll be sure to ask – at least three times – if it's just regalee water or bubbly water.

"i'm wearing my construction helmet at my construction site!" and "i drawed a sun, mommy!"

(ps: there's a big-but-hard-to-see pad of paper in front of him in this picture. though even if he drewed his sun on the counter, i'd have a hard time being bummed. look at that face. pleased as punch!)


janel holiday said...

love love love!!!!

Mrs MacKenzie said...

he doesn't stop providing material for you, does he?

these are soooo cute.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Too cute!

jessica said...

so glad you're capturing these phrases. they are definitely priceless. on the "eagles" subject. e keeps running to me and saying "the elefantes get-choo mama" and hugging my leg. don't know where she came up with the elephants getting her either! ;) they have incredible little minds. xxoo

Bridget said...

waiter-patienter! tollution! toasty hands! i can't help myself but repeat these because they are so dang cute.

Janine @ Alternative Housewife said...

I like it that the magnet letters on your fridge say "bubs".

I cannot wait until my son (15 months) starts bursting into sentences! He has a couple of words but mostly just yells and signs and practices (what sounds to us like) random sounds.

Found your site via Code Name: Mama. Think we're going to make salt dough ornaments tonight - Thanks for the last minute gift idea!