Tuesday, December 27, 2011

come and gone

i like christmas, i do.
i don't go bonkers for it but i think it's pretty great. it's a happy time of year and i like to revel in it as much as the next girl – but, i have to say, i'm usually not sad to see it go.

when all is said and done, christmas can be a little bit too "okay... ready?.... set?.... have fun now!" for me. i find it equal parts charming/high pressure. okay, maybe not equal parts. more like 70/30, with charming in the lead.

i'm not saying i'm all bah-humbug or anything. but i guess sometimes when things have a big build-up, it's harder for me to truly be in the present when the moment is finally upon me. not impossible or anything – it's just that famous spin that expectation puts on things.

all that aside, christmas with bonzo is – by far – my favorite kind of christmas.
it was his third in his almost-two-and-a-half years and they just keep getting more and more fun.

like many families, christmas eve culminates with new jammies – bonz got some seriously striped ones and a new buddy to-boot: a big, floppy black bear that he named cubby. they're already best pals.

the other highlights of christmas morning were his excavator which was sitting right out in the middle of the living room floor, just waiting for him to walk by first thing and excitedly whisper, "what's that?!" and his town blocks. he loved it all, really.

it was a weekend full of fun and family and bonzo had a blast. he pretty much didn't know what to make of christmas morning but thought it was a pretty rad deal, obviously.

my favorite part was watching him open one thing and be so stoked on it that he was ready to play with it right then and there – forget all those other presents waitin' for him!
we had to break for brunch because we took our sweet time with everything.
bonz, you're my kinda guy.


Bridget said...

that excavator... coolest. bonz must have LOVED IT.

and i totally get what you mean about christmas. so much pressure, so much 'MUST ENJOY MYSELF'. i'm okay to say ciao, christmas... plus, we're that much closer to summer which is really MY season anyway.

Lost&Found said...

I feel the same way about Christmas! I was definitely happy to have all the hype over this year. However, I have a feeling that once I have my own little ones my attitude may change, just by seeing their smiling faces throughout the holiday!

Hope you have a great New Years!


Mrs MacKenzie said...

My hubby and I both love that tractor. So cute!!! I want to see a picture of him with it outside in the dirt wearing overalls!

Sacha....xoxo said...

lovely pictures... i'm your new follower. i would love to have you in return, follow me back, on www.sachasaucysnippets.blogspot.com and come in to say hi...

wish you all the best for this year, i'm looking forward to read your posts this year.

happy new year, Much loves, Sacha xoxo

jessica said...

isn't amazing how these little guys brighten our worlds to a whole new experience? d and i were literally hanging over e waiting for her to awake on xmas morning. it has a whole new meaning! xo