Monday, December 5, 2011

it's the best time of the year

we got our christmas tree this weekend and i know someone who was super stoked. for so many reasons. the first – and probably main – reason bonzo was so down with the process of selecting a tree is because the christmas tree place is the same place that was once the pumpkin patch.
so naturally he figured his favorite tractor would be there, eagerly awaiting his arrival. and it was. along his buddies, the barnyard animals. it was a serious reunion for bonzo.
"hi, donkey!"
"hi, billy goats!"
"mama. there's that tractor!"

bonzo steered and beep-beeped that rusty old tractor to his sweet little heart's content. and despite his enthrallment, he graciously yielded to other kids who wanted to take a turn. such good stuff.

then we went home to trim what is now the cutest little tree you ever did see. i have a handful of my childhood ornaments from my mom's house for our tree now that i'm a grown-up (read: mama). it's a little bittersweet because her tree is still the tree. i know i need to make my own traditions and have a tree at my house now but it steel feels a little impostor-ish.
my grandmother was big on personalized ornaments when we were little. i'm so stoked she was, too. these make me just as happy now as they did when i was a little girl.
needless to say, the bottom three feet of the tree has gotten – and will to continue to get – seriously rearranged. bonzo likes to trim the tree daily!

it's crazy that the christmas season has officially commenced.
bonzo's all about christmas carols, too. his favorite is frosty the snowman so we've been singing a few dozen times a day around here.

these are in heavy holiday rotation, too.


Mercie said...

ooooo i love the personalized ornaments. i can't wait to put up our tree!

small + friendly said...

We can't get enough of the christmas music around here! We havent gotten our tree yet but I can't wait, even though I know my little helper will be doing a lot of redecorating :). Holidays are way more fun with little ones!

janel holiday said...

love this......and YOU!!!

wildchild said...

it's so cute that he says hi to everything :) it must be cool seeing him grow and develop into his own little person with his own personality. one that shares the tractor and trims the tree :)

wildchild said...

oh, and james taylor christmas is my absolute favorite! good choice :)