Tuesday, December 6, 2011

naps and buns

just a little photographic evidence of the world's longest nap.
when i walked in and saw those buns in the air i had to stop myself from squeezing them and potentially waking bonzo up. they get me every time, those buns. there's just nothing more scrumptious than sleeping-baby buns. well, except for fresh-outta-the-bath buns. or naked-baby-in-the-backyard buns.

buns! i'll take 'em any way i can get 'em.
oh, and crazy-long naps. those are great, too.


  1. yes!

    i feel the same way about buns. right now we're seeing a lot of the 'changing diaper and then she squirms and gets away and all i see are two little tiny cottage cheesey' buns

    those kind can't go without a squeezing.

  2. i love me some buns too, yes I do :) we call that kind of napping style "stink bug" position. seems to guarantee a long sleep sesh! xoxo

  3. tell him to share some of that sleeping fervor with parker, his east coast buddy.

    and goodness gracious that is cute.

  4. oh my goodness. I just ran across your blog. how do you do this adorable effect with your images?

  5. I definitely vote sleepy baby buns as the BEST. :) I have to really hold myself back every night that I creep in to check on my little guy. YOURS is adorable.

    New to your cute blog...loving it already.

  6. "buns! i'll take 'em any way i can get 'em." YES.