Monday, January 16, 2012

i've been meaning to mention...

... that a certain someone i know is going to become a big brother in june!
it's been a busy 18 weeks over here, friends. part of october, all of november and into december was one rocky road for this mama. lots of queasiness, nausea and general ickiness – ick.
then i started to feel like myself again just in time to gear up for the holidays, then we all got sick – triple ick.
and now bonzo's basically on the no-nap plan, so what was my free time to dilly dally on the computer is now more time to dilly dally with bonzo. it's funny because i sort of dreaded it – the no napping – but now i think it's actually pretty great. sure, the days are long – exhaustingly so at times – but bedtime is easy breezy george and weezy as bonzo says.
on days he'd nap, bedtime was becoming a struggle and a half and he wasn't eyes-closed-asleep until at least 9 o'clock – too late! – often with me asleep right next to him at that point.
so now we're cruising through our days, with cozy time replacing nap time, and adjusting things so bedtime is at a prompt 7 o'clock. it's pretty nice, actually. but what would be even nicer would be if i got up after he went down and was productive in some way. instead, lately, i've been productively watching t.v. in my cozies.

so that's why things have been a bit quiet around here, in case anyone noticed!

i'm getting the hang of the new rhythm of our days, though and i'm happily typing away while bonzo's having a little picnic on his comfy spot in the office, reading his very favorite cars and trucks and things that go.

and all the while, i've got this little bun just cooking away in the oven. pregnancy with a toddler in tow is a pretty different experience than a first pregnancy. i thought about the would-be-bonzo (for what felt like) every second of every day. this time around? i'm still thinking about the what-is-bonzo every second of every day – and trying to remember to focus some attention inward while i'm at it.

it's just such a different world this time. it's every bit as rad – ahem, now that the icks are behind me – but it's just... well... different. going through it one time before hardly qualifies me as an expert but there is some comfort in having been here before... though there was a bit of bliss in the ignorance of a first pregnancy! now that i know what natural childbirth actually feels like, i do cringe from time to time knowing what's on the horizon.

we'll wait to find out who's in there again – just like we did with the bonz. it's agonizing indeed but, for us, worth the wait.

and that's the haps around here!

oh, all of that and this – bonzo putting his giraffe in his "moby" to cuddle and love:


Mrs MacKenzie said...

Congratulations sara! so happy for you! I can't wait to see what you're having!

I've heard that pregnancy is easier the second time around because you have don't have as much time to think about all your various ailments when your chasing a toddler. I hope thats true for you!

French Lover said...

This is so exciting!! Congratulations :)

Kandice said...

oh my goodness. i have so many words.

first, you are the greatest mama to a little boy. i'm imagining two little boys and i see them ever so happy. BUT i get so, so excited when i imagine a little girl. a little girl playing with a bonzo... are you kidding? can it get any cuter?

such great news!

oh, and i've been meaning to ask! does d wake up when you guys go to bed (especially now with the earlier bedtime)? co-sleeping would be a dream but i don't really understand just how it works quite yet. and when does he graduate from sharing a bed to his very own? or is it all on his own time?

anyway, many congratulations to the three of you!

Carly said...

Congratulations on number 2!

Just found your blog through The Lincoln's Life blog and her post about the award she also gave me.

Your little boy is too stinkin cute. Love his "moby."

I'm following now & can't wait to read through your journey of this pregnancy.

small + friendly said...

Congrats! So happy you're through the ick part! I look forward to hearing about all the new adventures you're sure to have!

tellinggetsold said...

Congratulations! I'm a lurker here, and I so love, love your blog and all your writing on parenting. I have a little'un slightly younger than Bonzo, so I always read avidly about what you guys are up to. So exciting that there will be another person added to your family!

Can I ask where Bonzo's Let It Be shirt is from? It's super rad. I think my girl might need one.

amy said...

Congrats! So happy for you and your family!

Ahn said...

hurray! congratulations. are you considering giving birth in the new birthing center in sb? i would if i were in sb, but i also hear it's a bit pricey.

blake said...

yay yay YAY :) so excited for you, friend, and super pumped for big D to become the helper, mentor and big bro to a new little one. he's off to a nurture-tastic start :) happy, happy! xoxo

sara said...

thanks for all the sweetness, friends!

@tellinggetsold: first, thanks for lurking! and de-lurking with your comment! and for the kind words.
bonzo's shirt is from the store "peek"... unfortunately it was probably a year ago that i got it and in retail-time, that's a whole lifetime ago. but they continuously have cool stuff. and you can shop online too. xo

Colleen said...

Congratulations! 2 is a wild, wonderful adventure.

Jennifer P said...

Delurking to say congratulations! We just added a little girl to our family in November and my little guy (about to turn 2) has been absolutely amazing. It's definitely hard to have 2 little ones, but I can already say it's amazing. All the best for your family!

Whitney Lane said...

Ahhh congrats!!! You make the most beautiful babies!!!

dionna-code-name-mama said...

Squee again and again :)

And this: "i thought about the would-be-bonzo (for what felt like) every second of every day. this time around? i'm still thinking about the what-is-bonzo every second of every day – and trying to remember to focus some attention inward while i'm at it."

Ain't that the truth?!

Bridget said...

love it. so much. duh.

kristina said...

Yay! So excited we're so close. Can't wait to see who you're cooking up too!

Though the no nap thing is scary... but inevitable I suppose.

jessica said...

yaaaa. feel you in every way regarding preggies and toddler simultaneously. from what i understand the challenge is yet to come. :)

janel holiday said...

it warms my heart to read all your comments are such a wonderful momma - chooch is an amazing poppa and well, the Bonz is just gonna be the juiciest older brother.....can't WAIT to meet P4....!! xoxoxo

sara said...

i haven't totally ruled it out but we love love love my doctor, we'll be in the brand-newly remodeled hospital and if the stars align and this birth is like the last one, it'll be quick and easy... but most importantly intervention-free. our bill was basically L&D, one overnight and an ibuprofen or something crazy like that!
you're getting close, mama... weeeee!

wildchild said...

so excited for you!!! woooo!!!