Monday, January 30, 2012

lately, around here

trying on some sweet safety specs in daddy's shop – and looking pretty cute in the process:

we spent saturday soaking the some sun and warmth (80s again!) at the beach. bonz specifically requested some naked-baby-time – who could blame him? i bet the sun felt so good on those buns.

yesterday morning while we were hanging out in the bedroom we talked to the bonz about the baby in my tummy. his favorite thing these days is to be told, as he says, "the story of when i was born while i nurse".
he likes to curl up in my lap, settle in to nurse and have me tell him the story – exactly as he likes it told. he won't hesitate to correct me if i deviate from the proper way.
here's a sampling of the very beginning:
i say, "you started out so teeny tiny in mommy's tummy."
and he says, "was i like this big?" while holding his forefinger and thumb a millimeter apart.
then he's back to nursing, watching me closely as i say every word and smirking with delight.

we weren't trying to hold out on him with the big news but since he associates babies and round tummies, i thought it might be a good idea to wait a bit until things started to get a little rounder – for a visual aid. that and a pregnancy is a long row to hoe.

this weekend marked 20 weeks – the halfway point! – and i'm just starting to show so i reminded him about how teeny tiny he started out in my tummy and then told him that there was a new baby in there. our new baby – his, mine and daddy's – growing little by little just like he did.

then he asked to see the baby. so we inspected my belly. looked, felt, listened. when he realized there was nothing to really see or do – or anyone to hold and swaddle – he said, "daddy's gonna read the dictionary to me and the baby!" (his current favorite and my copy from when i was little.)
so there i sat next to them with my shirt pulled up so bonz and the baby could be read to. and when i said i was going to get up to finish getting ready for our day, bonzo waved his little hands and said, "okay! byeeee, baby!"

discussion of a baby, a story, and some toast in bed. complete with bed head:

... and this morning at whole foods he suddenly – and loudly – decided to ask, "mommy, is there still a baby in your tummy?"
sure is, bonz.

new sneaks for the mama, new inspiration to get out and walk in the morning:

and my favorite site to behold, always:


wonderchris said...

Great post - such love throughout!

Kandice said...

so much love in this post.

i'm happy to hear everything went all kinds of magical when you broke the news to bonz!

wildchild said...

your little fam is so adorable. bonzo's bedhead slays me. and lucky for you, you get to have another one soon! his reaction is so cute. glad everything is going so well :)

Mrs MacKenzie said...

what a cool book to read to your tot! great post

p.s. i can see your boob

blake said...

oh, magical. All of it. Ahhhh... what a nice thing to read and start my day :) xoxo

jessica said...

love that he knows. he's too cute..the dictionary? love it! when i say "the baby likes that orange" she will hold a piece up to my belly button and say "here you go baby." other favorite line "baby come out in a foo months and pay with evia." fun to watch their little minds working! xxoo

Colleen said...

so sweet! how old will Bonzo be when the babe is born?

sara said...

the baby's due almost exactly one month after his third birthday!

Jen said...

love that last pic! I am constantly taking those pics of myself with my phone. At 18 months it just never gets old. sweetest thing ever.