Thursday, January 19, 2012

out of the frying pan and into the fire.

so i guess we're making up for some lost time around here.
after just getting sick for the first time in just about two and a half years, my small friend's back in the saddle again – this time with his very first fever and little bitty stuffy nose.

dude. up until a day or so ago, i had very rational, calm, cool, collected thoughts about fevers: don't rush to the medicine cabinet, don't panic, fevers are a good thing, they're a sign the body's doing its job. blah blah blah.

yeah, all that was before i saw some fresh new digits on our thermometer. oh how those thoughts became hazy instantly.

he's been hovering right on the edge between a moderate (which i can pretty much handle) and high (which i pretty much cannot) fever since before bed tuesday night.

i called the nurse at the pediatrician's office yesterday afternoon, went through her checklist and hung up feeling somewhat reassured – just keep treating the bonz, and keep treating the fever as needed – but, i have to say, i just want it to go away.

for a couple reasons:
1. the ingredient lists on children's tylenol and ibuprofen seriously make me cringe. in a major way.
2. motherhood has already made me a bit of a germ-a-phobe. this isn't helping matters.
3. the worrying is exhausting.
4. most importantly – i can't stand the thought of bonz not feeling well. though, all evidence points to the contrary (as pictured below, this morning). aside from the temperature and minor intermittent sniffles, you'd never know anything was up with this guy. well, and he's napping for the second day in a row. his body's clearly overriding any decision he'd make on his own and giving him the rest he clearly needs.


Kandice said...

i feel the same about fevers.
had to take natalie in once and realized it was all for nothing (but she started throwing up that day so i freaked)

get better little bonz!

tellinggetsold said...

Poor guy. I hope his body fights off whatever it is quickly! Those fevers teetering on the edge of high are so worrisome, even if you *know* it shouldn't freak you out. I think part of it is how when they're teeny infants, it gets drilled into you to call the doctor right away if the spike a fever over 101 - but now that they're toddlers it's apparently ok if they're a freaking inferno??

Hannah Murray said...

First time commenter and new reader. Love your blog! I am so sorry to hear about the fever.... But I actually have another question. Tell me about those cubes in the background of the photo! Love them! I am looking for something for toys and other mess in our living room....

janel holiday said...

LOVE him!! oh sweetness, hope he feels better soon! that picture......swoon!

@hannah - i'm answering for my BFF - i don't think she would mind....those are from the Expedit series from IKEA....super great because they have the options (like the wicker box baskets above) for storage to add - and they are super cute. PB Teen and Land of Nod often have cute storage solutions that don't break the bank, but my bff's is great because in an adult shared space it works perfectly.

x janel

Mrs MacKenzie said...

Sorry bonz isn't feeling well. It is so sad when our babies are sick, but hey at least he is taking a few naps! I'm sure he will be better soon. Hang in there! A glass of wine will help you relax :)

Carly said...

Hope he gets to feelings better! Just keep doing what you're doing, it can only get better, momma!

Jazmyn Alexandria said...

I hope he feels better soon! My daughter had her first fever a while back due to an ear infection and we actually had to go to the hospital because it was so high. That's a super cute picture though!

Also I was curious what app did you use for this picture?

Love, Jazmyn

sara said...

it was taken with hipstamatic but i changed the border color in photoshop...
ugh - sorry about the hospital trip! no fun.
it's so hard when these little people are sick, i'm realizing!!

sara said...

i'm just now seeing that i can reply *within* the comments section! this must be new... either that or i've been living under a rock.

so you get two replies to your question! one from me by email and one from my best friend (and rad designer) below! :)

jessica said...

oh my, one night after vaccinations little e's temp rose to 103 - so scary for mama! i know how un-fun it is as you just sit and wait and stare at their sweet soul's hoping it breaks. looks like his little personality is keeping him comfy (and mama too!).

i too have had my eye on those shelves for quite sometime, been close to purchase many-a-times! ;)

Nicole said...

Oh no! Hope you guys get healthy soon, and no joke on the medicine ingredients!

Bridget said...

ughhhh. poor bonz, poor sara, poor chooch. all of ya!
i am dreading the day when parker gets his first fever. it will freak me out, for sure. in fact, i feel his head like 5 times a day and ask myself, "does it feel warm?"
fellow germophobe here!

blake said...

Oh sheesh, fevers are scary! Don't know how I missed this one... really, really hope the Bonz is mucho better now :( xoxo

Rabbit K. said...

What is your lovely little boy!

small + friendly said...

Oh man! I'm so sorry. There's nothing as torturous as worrying over a sick little one. For future ref I found this natural fever reducer, I haven't had to use it yet but it sounds promising. Here's the link: