Monday, January 2, 2012

sickness and health

oh dear. the last week has been a doozy. i keep forgetting that new year's eve and day actually occured and that it is, indeed, 2012. we've lived some life since christmas around here, let me tell you.

choo choo and i both got super sick tuesday night, right after bonzo went to bed. i have no recollection of ever being so violently ill in my life. ever.

then thursday afternoon it was bonzo's turn. after two and a half years – almost to the day – bonzo was sick for the first time. it was inevitable, obviously. we didn't really do anything special to ensure he wouldn't get sick up until now. well, except for lots of breastfeeding, good nutrition and mindful hygiene. but the day was upon us, my baby was sick and it was amazing how instantaneously i went from still feeling under the weather to having no gauge or concern whatsoever about how i was feeling and only caring about how bonzo was feeling.

thankfully bonzo's run-in with that nasty bug was a much more abbreviated version than ours and he was back up on his feet pretty quickly but our household was still consumed with operation get-well-soon: lots of early bedtimes, naps, laundry – lots of laundry – kisses, cuddles, fluids and bland, bland food.

we managed to make our way outside on new year's day to soak in some sun and scoop some sand at the beach. it was glorious. and choo choo resurrected and assembled the excavator scooper from bonzo's birthday sand table so a very puny but antsy guy could do what he does best.

and now, my sweet – and healthy – little love is snoozing his little heart out. snug as a bug in a rug.

happy twenty twelve!


Kandice said...

being a mama truly does change a lot of things. natalie and i haven't been that sick together (probably ever thus far) but i seriously cannot imagine. but i'm sure it would go a lot like the way it went with you. i'm not looking forward to it, that's for sure.

i'm glad all life's pieces were put back together and that he had his construction time after all was said and done :)

happy new year, friend!

blake said...

oh dear, oh deary! so sorry the whole-family-yuck bug hit your house. seriously not fun being sick while trying to care for the sick. happy healing and snoozing mama xoxo

jessica said...

so glad you're all on the mend. xo

Bridget said...

oh nooo to being sick. no no no fun. but yay for your bionic milk that has kept bonz so healthy up until this point. so good. hope you are back on your feet, my friend.