Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the book of bonz

i've mentioned before that bonzo loves to talk about when he was born. loves it. and he likes to compare his story to what's going on with my belly – with ours baby.

enter: visual aid.

i made a book with blurb, especially for bonzo – it chronicles his whole entire life from when i was first pregnant up until the day i hit "publish" and "buy now" online a couple weeks ago.

it hits all the high-points:
photos of my growing belly, us getting his room and things together, friends and family celebrating at my baby shower, an even bigger belly, brand-new-born bonzo and – according to him, most importantly –photos of his first nursies. then it's followed up with a bunch of newborn-bonzo pictures of him nursing, sleeping, nursing, cuddling and nursing. then there's a rapid-fire spread of his development – sitting, standing, walking – all the way up until the last photo of him a couple weeks ago. oh it's cute stuff.

the intent behind the book – aside from just being a special thing for my special guy – is to help him make the connection between what's happening now, in this pregnancy, and what happened when he "started out teeny tiny in mommy's tummy". and it's a good visual for what newborn babies do. ours baby will do just like you did, bonz: nurse, sleep, nurse, cuddle and nurse.

we talk about it a bunch. i follow his lead. sometimes we only talk about his story, sometimes we talk about ours baby. sometimes we talk about both. either way we love to flip through the pages and oooh and aaah over the cuteness.

so far bonz thinks ours baby will be a boy.
the frontrunners in the name-department are: pantsy and shook-keee!
they've been added to the list and are under careful consideration. of course.

[does it go without saying that i have no affiliation with blurb? i assume it's obvious but if not, i don't.]


the grumbles said...

this is SUCH a cool idea. cool in general, but additionally cool because of the preparing-for-new-behbeh aspect. i will steal this idea if & when, you know. which is probably never? i should stop talking.

blake said...

ohhh, genius idea! I agree with the grumbles: awesome in general, and totally brilliant for discussing "ours baby" -- which I have to add, I smile and giggle out loud every time I read "ours baby." I just love it. Love that boy. Great stuff mama! xoxo

small + friendly said...

What a great way to help him with the transition, and such a beautiful book. I used blurb to publish my first year of blogging and I was really happy with it.

jessica said...

awesome job on the blurb book. a true keepsake.

Mrs MacKenzie said...

I made something similar for my daughter through Picasa. Your book is gorgeous! I want to look through it too!

wildchild said...

this is such a good idea! plus even if you weren't having a new baby and wanted to teach bonzo about it, it's just sweet to have around to remember your pregnancy and the early days of bonz, i bet :) good thinkin, momma :)

Bridget said...

stop it! did it take you forever and a day to put it together?!? i love love love it. i've decided to do something for parker's first birthday--whether it's a lazy man's version like an instagram-filled photo album, or a beautiful blurb book (a wee bit more work) i've gots to do it!

ours baby!

Colleen said...

I love it! So cool.

kristina said...

UGH guilt guilt guilt. MUST make baby book for Dashie. Maybe blurb is a good way to go?

I'm kind of voting that "ours baby" will be a girl... due to your ice cream cravings. :)

La Maman Heureuse said...

I absolutely love this idea, it's just a perfect way to document his life from you being pregnant till now. And he seems like such an amazing little boy. I've been checking the blog regularly and he doesn't stop to amaze me, he's wonderful!

kind regards from Belgium,


Bridget said...

goin' through your archives and willing myself not to cry. love this post, this book, you guys!