Monday, February 20, 2012

easy rider

bonzo's so stoked lately. he's all about using the pedals on his tricycle. and he's all about wearing his new helmet – riding or not. it's pretty much the preferred activity around here lately. i've been backing my car halfway down the driveway to where it begins a slight slope towards the sidewalk. then he's got the garage and a bunch of the driveway between my car and choo choo's vintage bmw to practice, practice, practice. plus it's pretty cool to watch the neighborhood goings-on while we're out there. when the mailman pulled up and handed us the day's offerings, bonzo took the mini-boden catalog from the stack, walked right past his bike in the driveway and took a seat in the middle of the garage to "look at the kids" – another thing bonzo thinks is pretty fun to do.

and another tid-bit of cuteness from the other morning – i'm in the kitchen and i hear, "mama! come push me, come push me in this thing!"
and this is what i see when i walk in the room:

here's how things are shaping up at twenty three weeks.
it's cray-zeeeee that i'm this far along already. the time is fly-ing-by this time around.
who's in there?!


blake said...

a belly shot!!! yay! :D I was about to gush about the Bonzo cuteness, but you're showing! So, so cute. Who's in there indeed!

Back to the Bonz: Jacky loved that pic of him sitting in the wagon. Lotsa questions, and then the pronouncement: "dat's silly" --w/ a big smile.


Bridget said...

yes! some sara in these parts. looking ever so radiant i might add. pregnancy is beautiful. just beautiful.

and bonz looking through the catalog? stop it. i can just see him pulling it from the stack and walking to his spot on the floor in the garage like a big important guy with important things to do.

he's just the cutest. and i don't think that i say that about all kids. but that bonz. he's seriously a cutie.

jessica said...

love that belly and the little one in there! :)

janel holiday said...

so dear - all of it! i love that belly pic of you!


wildchild said...

what an adorable belly :) you're such a beautiful pregnant momma :) and bonz is getting cuter by the day. you're a lucky woman :)