Monday, February 27, 2012

fork it over.

march 20, 2012:

i heart the shins. james mercer's voice has high ranking on my favorites list. it just doesn't get much
better – live or recorded.
i got oh, inverted world when it came out in 2001 and i remember unwrapping the disc in the parking lot of the brand new amoeba records in hollywood and falling in love right then and there.
i love that their sound's evolved but they're still rad. when coldplay's parachutes came out a hundred years ago i remember having the same full-body-reaction to it – instant love. but it's been such a steady decline for me with their music and now i don't even care about their new releases. they're not the worst – and change is inevitable – but they just changed too much for this girl. though i still love their old sound and always will.

anyways, a new shins album! hooray.


  1. I love me some Shins! So happy to here the new album is good!

  2. wait wait wait..

    so you don't like coldplay's X&Y?

    1. it's alright... some hits, some misses - but i have it and it's been listened to plenty.
      i have all their records except the newest one which i have no interest in.
      the previous release (viva la vida?) was the end of the line for me...


  3. yay shins! I, too, was obsessed with the two other albums, and need this new one. thanks for tip, I'm so pitifully out of the loop, it's sad :)

  4. girl, im kinda with you on coldplay. i still listen occasionally but nothin' gets my heart goin' like the original: CLOCKS.