Tuesday, February 14, 2012

hearts, kittens and rainbows

the first words i heard this morning were from my smallest valentine: "i'm gonna give you a kiss!"
so my valentine's day was made by sun-up.

i'll go on record saying that i'm right in the middle about this day. i don't particularly love it but i'm definitely not anti-valentine's day either.
sure, it's great to have a day to celebrate love. and this might sound like an easy out – but ain't that every day? i find that along with the excitement and joy that holidays bring, pressure and expectation tag right along. so i guess the two sort of offset each other and i'm left feeling like i do: right down the middle. neither thrilled or bummed, not happy or sad. i mean, happy because i'm generally happy but not just because it's valentine's day. you know what i mean?

i got the chooch a valentine and wrote him a little love note on the inside in sparkle pen.
they're words i'd say to him any old day of the year because i mean them through and through but today seemed like just as good of a day to remind him how much i love him.

happy valentine's day, friends!
i hope it's a day filled with an extra dose of love for everyone.

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Jamie said...

I really enjoy that card! Very me and my husband, too!