Tuesday, February 7, 2012

just a trim

bonzo got his first haircut over the weekend.
two and a half years of growth (granted there wasn't much going on in the growth-department for his first year) left him with quite the shaggy mop. which i loved.
anyone who knows me knows i love me some messy hair. my grandmother used to say, "it looks like you combed your hair with an eggbeater!" to me every time she saw me. and it was true. so i was down to let bonzo's hair get long and crazy. but it was starting to go from crazy to cray-zee. not off the charts or anything but the time had been upon us for a while. i just had to come to grips with reality: it was going to need a cut.

so after a week of playing haircut in preparation, we went to the salon – or barber shop as bonzo refers
to it – to get it cut by a homey. trimmed, really. i wanted to keep the length but just give it a bit of shape. and that's exactly what went down.

here's my guy the morning of.
don't think i wasn't having serious second thoughts about our 4 o'clock appointment.
(ps: this photo doesn't really do the mop much justice.)

bonzo was a super trooper at the salon.
i expected some hesitation – and maybe some tears – so we'd been "cutting hair" all week with bonzo's trusty play-doh scissors. we went through all the steps at home: the chair would go up and down, the cape (flour sack dish towel) would be draped over his shoulders then his hair would be sprayed, combed and cut. i was bonzo's barber and he was mine. we inspected my blowdryer thoroughly. listened to the sound it made and talked about the sounds we'd hear at the salon.

then we showed up for our appointment and hoped for the best. and bonzo ruled. no tears were shed. not even by me.

the front's always been a little shorter so it stayed about the same length and the back got snipped. little curls fell to the ground – only to be picked up and put in a ziplock.
here's bonz right when we got home, smiling about the results:

and here he is the next day. i'm pretty sure haircuts make you run faster:

and, just like that, he went from cute to cuter. i didn't think it was possible but... turns out, it just keeps on happening.


Hannah Murray said...

Oh when I started to read this I was so worried you had chopped it all off (obviously didn't pay attention to the title of the post). Instead a little trim. So sweet.
Hannah at www.thrivingthirty.tumblr.com

janel holiday said...



jessica said...

too cute for words. a big "first."

Kandice said...

that's my exact experience with natalie. they get cuter by the day; it's unreal.

i'm not looking forward to the day when i take her for her first trim (if i have any say in the matter - which.. yay! i do! - that girl will have hair for days)

bonzo does still hold the title for spiffiest toddler man. even more now, then before.

he did so great!

Bridget said...

omg. he did get cuter. at first when i just read the beginning i was like, "no sara no! don't ever cut that boy's hair!" but i'm glad to see you still kept it shaggy... just a little trim. no biggie, bonz!

and i love to see him wrapped up with his a+a swaddle. i have so many and am determined to continue finding uses for them even though parker's not so wee any longer.

blake said...

awww, I just "awwww"-'d outloud at my screen! So glad Bonzo's barber understands the meaning of "just a trim" :) Because I love his shaggy 'do. So sweet, so him :)

Mrs MacKenzie said...

Love the haircut. What a great idea to practice ahead of time. We did none of that, but I wish we did now! Our haircut did not go as smoothly!

Chanel115 said...

Our nanny took it upon herself to give our boy a trim while I was at work one day a few weeks ago. I was devastated and felt completely robbed of the 1st haircut experience :( At least she kept the hair, but still...it's a big deal!

You're right, he did go from cute for cuter. Isn't it amazing how you think there's no way in the world that could happen and then it does again and again? ;-)

sara said...

it'll always be shaggy... bonz is a shaggy hair kinda guy, that's for sure.
as for the a+a blankets - we have a bunch and i'm still always using them!!
his new favorite is to swaddle everything in sight in them... and then ask to be swaddled himself.
he's got babies on the mind, that guy! xx

sara said...

nooooo!! we're supposed to get ALL the firsts!!
glad you have the locks... but i'm with you: it's a big deal!


Christal Kay said...

Gushing he's too adorable!! And yes first haircuts or trim's rather, wouldn't miss 'em for the world!